8 Drinks To Give Your 4th Of July A Festive Kick!


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Step up your game this Independence Day by serving some delicious alternatives to the standard wine and beer.

6.30oThis is the easiest way to create a festive drink without much effort at all! Create ice cubes with strawberries and blueberries (or any red berries) and pop them into glasses of water or sprite! Stick a toothpick in each glass (bonus points if the toothpick has an American flag printed on it!) and serve to each guest as they arrive! This doesn’t need to be alcoholic, but it certainly can be! I’ll leave that up to you.


This is a specific cocktail made with drinks based on their sugar content! Ocean Spray Can-Apply goes in at the bottom with 40g of sugar. SoBe Pina Colada goes in the middle with 25 g of sugar. G2 Blueberry-Pomegranate goes at the top with only 5g of sugar. It’ll taste delicious and look amazing!



This is exactly what it looks like! This drink will take a bit of preparation as you will need to make red and blue kool-aid and then freeze it into ice cubes. Serve them in sprite! The drink will slowly turn purple as the ice cubes melt, but it is a fun way to include the kids if you need a non-alcoholic beverage!



How crazy is this?! I love it! Follow the recipe here and save them in small cups so that you can keep them in the ice chest without ruining them. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that add a cherry on top, so if you like that idea, go for it! Just add the cherry halfway through to cover it with the jello. If you are using real cherries, remove the pit first!



The recipe for this Blueberry Coconut Sparkler can be found here! Refreshing and tangy, this recipe really hits the spot on a hot day. The extra coconut flakes on the rim are even better than salt or sugar! Toss in a little or a lot of fruit depending on what you have on hand! I personally love it when my drinks can double as a snack with a bunch of extra fruit! Serve with a really long skewer to fish them out.



This is easy and fun for the kids (unless you add a little bit of liquor) and it’s very easy to change if you don’t have access to some of the ingredients. This is a layered drink so it will take a teensy bit of preparation! You’ll need to start by coating the rim of the glass with grenadine (don’t worry, it’s just sugar!) and dipping it onto a plate that has pop rocks spread out over it. This will give your glass a fun rim of candy! Be careful not to disrupt them while you’re making the drink. Next, add raspberries to the bottom of the glass and pour in a small amount of grenadine over them. This will create the red color! Cover them with a generous layer of ice, then slowly pour clear soda over them until the glass is full. Top the drink with blueberries and you’ve got yourself a festive drink!


By Erin Gleeson

Follow the recipe here to create this quirky margarita! If you’ve never had a watermelon margarita, I definitely recommend trying this one out. You’ll need to make them fresh if you want them to stay cold, or you can just keep a pitcher in the fridge for refills! Line the rim with salt or sugar (salt for me!) and serve with fresh fruit!



This is an ice cream float. Seriously, all you need is ice cream and colored soda! You can find the instructions here if you’ve never made a float before, but it’s super easy! If you can find the striped straws, go for it! They aren’t necessary, though. Top them off with whipped cream and cherries!


6.30vIf you aren’t planning to make specialty drinks, Make an iced kiddie pool and toss in red, white, and blue objects to make it festive, too! It’s easy and quick.

Make this holiday extra festive with fun drinks to match! Pick a few of your favorites or just try one – your guests will love it either way!

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