8 DIY Graduation Gift Ideas


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The end of May is approaching quickly, and that means it’s time to get ready for all of the High School graduation parties for all of the graduates in your life! While it’s customary to send your grads off with a little “something extra,” it can be hard to come up with a sentimental gift to send them off as well. Here are several DIY gifts for your grad that will let them know you care! Knowing that the people who love them most wish them all the best will help them to get through the toughest parts of starting their college careers.




A decorative dry-erase board. 

All you need for this DIY gift is a picture frame with a glass front, patterned scrapbook paper, and a dry erase marker! You can get fancy and also include felt letters spelling out the days of the week for meal planning, but a simple “To Do” list might be all that your grad needs. You know them the best, so we’ll leave this bit up to you!

You will be able to find the scrapbook paper at your local craft store. Choose paper representing their new school colors, a cute design, or a fun landscape. Just be sure that it’s light enough for the black dry erase marker to be clearly seen over.

See the tutorial here and make a memorable gift for your grad to hang wherever they please!





6A DIY etched mug!

This is a fun gift because it is completely customizable and looks professional! Add their name and graduating year by using a glass etching cream.

Get creative with the font and style. This gift is sure to be a favorite! Add a bit of flare by using pearl dot pens to dot the grad’s new school colors all over the glass!

Add fun designs and maybe a personal message on the back.

The complete tutorial can be found here.




Custom photo wall canvas.

This project is inexpensive and can be done over a weekend! Pick up the things you’ll need at your local craft store and choose your favorite pictures of your grad and their friends and family to remind them of home when things get tough at school.

This is a touching gift that looks professional and will match any college dorm room. Consider using their new school colors as the outline instead of black.

The full tutorial can be found here!




A money lei!

This simple gifts is a hilarious and fun way to gift your grad with money for college expenses. You can make a fairly large lei with 30-35 Crisp $1 bills. Fill in the gaps with paper colored in your grad’s new school colors! You will need a glue that won’t harm the money, but this is a great idea!

This simple and clever DIY can be found here!








3DIY T-Shirt quilt!

You will need a few items in order to make the perfect T-Shirt quilt, including a sewing machine, fusible interfacing, an iron, rulers, and an extra blanket to add in between the layers of T-Shirts.

Fill this quilt with all of the old shirts they won’t be wearing anymore. High school team spirit shirts, homecoming shirts, prom shirts, club shirts, sports shirts, or any family trips that they took over Summer vacations are all good candidates for this blanket!

If they don’t have enough T-Shirts for a full quilt, add in squares of their chosen college.

The instructions are clear in this full step-by-step tutorial which can be found here!








Home state canvas!

What chic and fun way to remind your grad of their home state as they ship off to their new college!

Choose the color of their old high school or a color represented by the state with a heart in the city they are leaving.

With a cheap canvas and a few water-based paints, you can create this sentimental piece in just a few hours!

The very detailed instructions can be found here for this DIY!






11DIY cookbook or planner!

What better way to send your grad off to college than with a personal cookbook filled with inexpensive recipes or an organizational planner? This design can be personalized with their initials, the logo of their new school, or a simple plan book in their favorite colors!

The instructions can be found here for this personal cookbook!







DIY Emergency Car Kit!

This kit can include anything you might need in an emergency on the long road trip to college! Warm blankets, a first aid kit, jumper cables, water, snacks, and large garbage bags are all good ideas. Use a sturdy container to fit securely in your grad’s trunk!

Find more ideas for an organized car emergency kit here!






These gift ideas are a great starting point! You’ll discover the perfect gift to put a smile on your grad’s face and send them off knowing that they are loved and cared for. Send them off with a nice card and a thoughtful gift!


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