8 Creative Ways To Use Nail Polish (Other Than Painting Your Nails!)

If your bathroom counter is anything like mine, it is covered in dozens of nail polish colors. I don’t know why I accumulate so many, but I see a pretty color and I just have to have it! After a while, they get old and sometimes clump up and I don’t like to use them on my nails. While I can only wear a few colors at a time, I have found several ways to use the other colors around the house, too! They’re useful, fun, and add color to the most mundane of things. Check out these super cute uses for your extra nail polish!


1. Keep costume jewelry from tarnishing and turning your skin green by giving each piece a coat of clear nail polish!

It’s easy to do, and is a great way to use any old clear polish that is too old to use as a topcoat.

This method works for earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anything else you can think of! Make sure not to get the polish inside of any links or chains as it will dry and cause the chain to be stuck in place.

2. Need to add a bit of color to your outfit? Grab a few bobby pins and coat them with a nail polish color that matches your outfit! It’s a subtle way to incorporate your hairstyle into your outfit without needing to buy anything specific. Paint patterns on the bobby pins for an extra layer of color.


3. Use old nail polish to color-code your keys! If you’ve got multiple locks to pay attention to (work, mail box, home, etc) it can be frustrating to find the right key in a hurry. Use the nail polish on the top part of the key only. If you coat the jagged edge, the polish might chip inside of the lock and become wedged. It won’t ruin the lock, but until it breaks down, it will be slightly annoying.


4. Use nail polish to hide scuff marks on shoes!

The easiest colors to fix are black and white, but if you have enough nail polish, you can mix different shades together in order to match any unique shoe colors!

5. Paint your ear buds and earphones! I have headphones with left and right buds and can never seem to find the tiny “L” or “R” to put into the correct ear. Pick your favorite nail polish colors and color code them! You may want to add more than one coat if the buds are a dark color such as black or navy.


6. In a bind? Have a meeting at work in 5 minutes but just got a tear in your hose? Grab a clear nail polish and stop that run dead in its tracks! Coat the edges of the run – you don’t need to take your stockings off for this, either! If you have a large hole, pinch the stocking together with a bit of polish between your fingers until it dries. You can cut the excess dried polish off with scissors. The hole will be gone and your run should hold until the end of the day!

7. Spruce up an old bulletin board by painting the heads of your pushpins! Normal pushpins come in boring colors that everyone has seen before. Spice them up by using glitter, small designs, or color coded for different activities! The polish won’t wear off and your board will match the decor around it. Fun!


8. Get creative with old polish and paint a fun and unique design on your phone case! This works best with cases that have a matte finish, but nail polish is incredibly resilient, so try it out on a phone case that you’re bored with. Try a chevron pattern, a bunch of colorful dots, or horizontal stripes! Unleash your inner creativity and make your phone case as colorful as possible!







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