7 Things You’ve been Cleaning Wrong your Entire Life

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There are many different styles to which you’ve grown accustomed. These may have been passed on by your mom or may be something you found on the internet. Are you sure it’s the right way of cleaning stuff? Check out this guide because you might be cleaning wrong your entire life.

1. Chopping board
If you think scrubbing dish soap on the wooden board will remove all the food debris, you’re wrong. They will only get trapped along the grooves of the wood. Use half a lemon and kosher salt and rub it on the surface. Afterward, rinse with soap and water.

2. Baking sheets
When you’ve done serious time cooking in the oven, the baking sheets will eventually discolor. Washing them again and again won’t make it look like new. A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will fight off the stains.

3. Showerhead
Using bathroom soap to clean the shower head is never an effective solution. What you need to do is wrap it in a plastic bag filled with white vinegar. Let it sit for an hour and then wipe it with a clean cloth.

4. Mattress
An old mattress makes for a good home of germs and dust. Instead of using just a vacuum cleaner to remove all the crumbs, sprinkle baking soda on the surface. Wait for an hour and then use the vacuum again.

5. Toys
It’s not a good idea to clean your kid’s toys one by one. It will eat up your time for other chores. Use the dishwasher instead and place them all in the tray. Remember not to include battery-operated items.

6. Blinds
A vacuum cleaner sounds like a powerful tool to clean blinds, but actually they aren’t as useful. The best trick is to go old-school and use an old sock to wipe every strip. Make it more effective with the help of a water and vinegar mixture.

7. Paintings
Beautiful works of art on your wall aren’t safe from dust and grime. Before you even think of using a wet towel and soap, always remember what will happen on the painting’s quality. Use a slice of bagel and slowly wipe all dust away.

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