7 Laundry Room Decoration and Organizing Tips

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Who says you can’t go stylish and creative in the laundry room? Try these tips to add life inside an otherwise boring and dull place.

1. Clear space in the room
A decent workspace should be designated inside the laundry room — and we’re not talking about the top of the dryer. Fold-out shelves, built-in counters on the wall or a slim table is ideal. Anything that’s easy to clear can save up space.

2. Raise the bar
A sturdy bar on the wall is a perfect place to hang delicate items. It’s also a good spot to hang swimwear or moist cotton pieces. Remember to use plastic hangers when air drying damp items because wood can leave stains on fabric.

3. Fold clothes into separate containers
Segregate and fold clothes in the laundry room into separate containers. Ship them into the bedrooms and you’ve ridden yourself of the eternal question, “Mom, where’s my favorite jeans?” Extra tip: look for stylish and pretty containers.

4. Ready the first aid for fabric
Seeing a stain on your dress is annoying, but it’s not something you can’t fix. Always keep a first aid ready for any situation. Fill it with a stain spray, brush, and bleach. Now there’s a solution for any kind of clothing mishap.

5. Separate sweaty items
Dry and sweaty clothes should never go together. Toss your gym wear in one bin and office clothes on another. Soiled gym shirts and socks will spread unwanted smell on different items, which is why it’s best to leave them on their own.

6. Empty the pockets
Fill a small jar with coins and pins and place it on a shelf where you can easily see it. This is your reminder to empty the pocket of your clothes. It will also save your machine from gumming up.

7. Play some music
Doing laundry every week is enough of a burden to handle, so lighten up and play some music while you’re at it. There are handy radios that easily connect to iPods and other gadgets.

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