7 Delicious Entrees To Serve July 4th


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There are a few things to consider before you choose what your “main event” will be for the 4th of July. How many people are coming? Is it an outdoor BBQ or an indoor get together? Will there be children? What will fit into your budget? Are you eating lunch or dinner? After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to easily decide what the best options are for your party!


These savory hot dogs are a perfect lunchtime meal! Easily grilled outdoors and topped with delicious sauce (and anything else you like to toss on top of your hot dog) these little doggies will be a hit! The good thing about hot dogs is that they are relatively inexpensive. Plan to have 2 per person, and send the rest home as leftovers if you have too much. Follow the recipe here.


7.1bFor a slightly healthier option, a chicken sandwich is easy, too! You can cook it on the grill, in the oven, or even fry it if that’s what you like. Delicious chicken topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles will be a hit! Serve this with a side of home made potato wedges to really get the crowd hyped up! Make your own version or follow the instructions here.



If your party is indoors, consider making a batch of chili in the slow cooker. It’s simple and can be left on a low heat as long as people are milling around to eat it. Have a few bowls of toppings such as shredded cheese, sour cream, corn, extra tomatoes, and onions. I usually open a bag of tortilla chips or put out fresh tortillas! A hearty and filling meal will satisfy everyone’s hunger and keep the party going strong. Learn how to make this slow cooker chili here.


How about a simple pulled-pork sandwich for your lunch? This simple recipe only uses 3 ingredients, too! Pulled-pork sandwiches are a classic BBQ meal and pretty much everybody loves them! Have an alternate meal ready in case any of your guests can’t eat pork – but I’m sure you’ll know ahead of time if that is the case. Check it out here! Root beer, BBQ sauce, and pork! Sweet!

7.1eOkay, so maybe lasagna isn’t the dish you think about eating at a 4th of July party, but it should be! This is an easy tradition in my house as we love lasagna! It’s easy to make enough for all of your guests and it makes great leftovers, too! Fill everyone up with some tasty pasta and they will all leave happy! If you don’t already have a family favorite recipe, find this one here.


7.1cIf you’re hosting a BBQ, ribs are always a great idea! Easy, delicious, and if your doggies can handle it, they can chew on a bone, too! These are fun to serve – just make sure that you have a ton of paper towels on hand! Things will get messy very quickly – especially if the ribs are delicious. If you aren’t an expert at making ribs, check out this method here.



Have you ever tried making a gourmet burger? I think now is definitely the time to try! My favorite part of this burger is the fried onions. To me, it gives it that edge of class and the extra texture really adds to the whole experience of this burger. This burger is pretty high-maintenance, I’ll be honest. Just look at the ingredients and instructions here, but if you’re having a smaller get-together, the fun will be making this awesome burger together (and maybe drinking the extra liquor that doesn’t make it into the burger itself!). Get the step-by-step here!

No matter what you decide to cook on the 4th of July, as long as it’s tasty, you won’t get any complaints! Easy food is great, but sometimes you need to take it a step further! Be prepared for the barrage of people wanting to take pictures of their food. Serve your meals on festive red and blue plates to help celebrate this holiday!

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