6-Year-Old Is Playing In Front Of Her House When A Strange Vehicle Pulls Up & Offers Her Treats


As the old saying goes, “Never take candy from a stranger.” It’s a stern reminder your parents probably told you back then. Although it sounded a bit irritating, you’ve learned to appreciate it now that you have kids of your own.

This timeless warning has saved a 6-year-old girl in Arkansas from her potential abductors. Believe it or not, she was almost taken right in front of her own home and a few feet away from her mother.

“It was just in a blink of an eye that everything could have changed,” said Shannon Barber after the frightening incident that almost cost the disappearance of her daughter Jasmine.

One afternoon, the 6-year-old girl was playing in front of their house in Arkansas when two men riding a silver SUV went down and came near her. According to reports, the men tried to lure her in the car with some treats. It was only then that the men realized that Jasmine knew better than give into their bait.

“She was shaking her head no as she was backing away getting closer to the house,” Barber described how her daughter got out of the trouble.

Jasmine told her mom that there was also a woman inside the car who seemed friendly to her, but still, she knew never to talk to anyone she doesn’t know.

Barber’s house is located only three blocks away from the Westside Elementary School, so it’s unusual for parents like her to worry about the safety of kids around the area. However, after the incident, the mother will no longer allow her child to play outside.

One mother living near the Barbers reacted, “You can’t ever say they wouldn’t come to your neighborhood because you just don’t know.”

The authorities are now on alert and are encouraging parents to talk to their kids and explain the dangers of talking to strangers.

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