6-Year-Old Caught Stealing Candy At School & Mom Is Outraged…At The SCHOOL!


A school’s discipline code applies to all of its students. Once a student misbehaves, a teacher serves the necessary sanction. The question is, up to what extent must a teacher hand out a punishment especially to a young student?

When she discovered the harsh treatment her daughter faced in school, a Chicago mother was in an outrage. Now she is planning to file a lawsuit after the unspeakable incident.

Marlena Wordlaw revealed to a local news source the terrible thing done to her daughter, Madisyn Moore, right inside Fernwood Elementary School. The 6-year-old told her mom that she was pulled out of class and handcuffed by the security officer because she took some candy on the teacher’s table.

The little girl Moore told her mommy, “They hurted.” She then added, “He snatched me out of my class. He made me get out in my handcuffs.”

Based on the report, she was also detained under the school stairs and left all by herself. It’s a stern punishment for stealing, but the mother thought it was way more than the action her daughter had done.

The school called Wordlaw and notified her about what happened. The mom arrived almost an hour later and that’s when she saw her little girl in tears. She immediately asked the person-in-charge, “Why you have my baby in cuffs?” According to Wordlaw, the person replied, “I’m trying to teach them to stop taking stuff that don’t belong to them.”

Later, the school principal tried to apologize to the upset mother, but she said that this kind of behavior is just unacceptable. “I don’t accept your apology ever,” mentioned Wordlaw. She couldn’t resist the fact that it could’ve been worse. “I’m more angry than anything, because it’s my only daughter. I feel like anything could have happened to her.”

While the officials of the Chicago Public Schools have yet to release a statement, Wordlaw has plans to file a lawsuit against the school.

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