6 Secrets For Finding Designer Deals

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When there’s an item you like at a designer store, you tend to go crazy because you want to lay eyes on them. At that point, there’s an impulsiveness to make a purchase without checking your budget. Although it’s not entirely your fault, you should hold your horses for a bit. Ask yourself these questions and discover how to score designer pieces for less.

When is the next big sale?
A shopping addict knows that Black Friday is the best time to shop, but since you want to take an advantage, you have to know better. There are certain times in the year where prices of designer goods are lower, and this includes the start of January and the last week of June.

social mediaAre you staying connected?
The best source of news for discounts and freebies are the stores themselves, and they reach their followers through emails and social media posts. Stay connected and you’ll receive notifications faster.



Do you know anyone from the store?
The person in-charge of the store knows when the items come in and out. Make friends with the manager to know the schedule of the next move. Also, keep in mind that the prices of items that are moving out tend to be lesser.

Have you tried buying online?
When you have a schedule that’s oh-so busy, there’s no time to drop by stores to check out what’s on the rack. Make use of your access online and head to eBay. Search for brands or style garments you desire and a list of results will quickly pop up. From there, save the items you like and keep an eye on the price.

Do you look for coupon codes?
A smart shopper knows the value of coupon codes. There are over 50,000 websites that offer discounts across the web, so you should take advantage of this. Make it a habit to always collect codes before making any purchase.

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Are you an off-season shopper?
If you’re not, it’s high time that you should be. Plan shopping for items a couple of seasons ahead and you’ll get items at lower prices. For example, buy a bikini in September and get savings before the peak season arrives. The timing isn’t as fun, but you know it’s more than worth the trouble.

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