6 Recipes For Summer Fruits!

It’s Summertime! This is the season to incorporate fresh fruits and salads into your daily meals and desserts – blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and just about any fresh fruit will make your tummy happy! While we don’t always think to add fruit to our regular meals, the fresh fruit in-season during the Summer is a great excuse to try! Here are a few of the best recipes to try using fresh Summer fruits – and a few entrees as well!

summercupcakeMoist and packed full of flavor, this blackberry themed cupcake is the epitome of Summer!

You don’t need to add the berries into the cake batter – just the frosting! If you have extra berries, toss them on top as cute garnish!

This recipe is perfect for those long Summer evenings by the lake, or those breezy afternoons on the front porch. Enjoy the tastiest berry of Summer in a cute cupcake!

Get this blackberry shortcake cupcakes recipe here!





Doesn’t the sound of a pineapple float with coconut ice cream make you want to lie on a beach and forget the world? It does for me! My two favorite fruits combined into one delicious and cold beverage? Yes, please!

The tangy pop of pineapple and the smooth flavor of coconut make the perfect Summertime drink!


Add a fun umbrella to the glass and you’ve got yourself a fancy cocktail while you sit by the pool and watch the kids!

Find link here!


What better way to eat fresh strawberries than in a healthy salad?

This recipe uses fresh spinach, decadent strawberries, toasted almonds, and crumbling feta cheese!

You don’t even need dressing for a recipe so delicious!

Find the ingredients here!


A grilled peach, onion, and bacon salad sounds like a very different way to eat fresh peaches, but it looks amazing! The sweetness of peaches, the richness of the bacon, and the fullness of a large, sweet onion will make anyone forget that it’s hot outside!

Topped with homemade buttermilk dressing, this exciting spin on a salad will leave you with the distinct feeling of Summertime!

How fun is this?

Find the full recipe here!



summertartDoes a fresh blueberry tart remind you of Summer? It does for me!

This recipe is super simple and will take only 20 minutes to bake! This is a great dessert for those hot Summer nights.

Just imagine it now – watching the sunset with a slice of this gorgeous blueberry tart on your plate will have everyone going back for seconds…and thirds!

Get the full instructions here!





These delectable skewers are made with chicken, blueberry balsamic vinegar, honey, red onion, and jalapeño peppers!

Complete with instructions for creating a homemade batch of blueberry sauce, this recipe will quickly become a family favorite!

The fresh peppers will give it a hint of spice, too!

Be sure to garnish with more fresh blueberries!

Find the entire recipe here!


Whether it’s desserts or dinners, Summer fruits have a place in all of our diets! Stay healthy this season by incorporating fruits into your everyday meals. You never know, you may end up creating the next family favorite!


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