6 Ingredients To Make Your Scrambled Eggs Exciting

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, I don’t want boring, plain scrambled eggs. I want something exciting and fun – but without any extra effort (especially in the mornings).

So, what can you toss into your scrambled eggs to really give them a kick? Here’s are some of my favorite ingredients that take almost no extra prep time!


Yep! Chop a tomato and just toss it in with the raw egg! Sometimes I’ll add it after the egg is already cooked so that it tastes a bit fresher, but usually I like them cooked just a bit.

If you have cherry tomatoes, you only need to cut them into small enough bites to eat quickly.


Not sure what to do with that half-serving of ground beef or chopped turkey sitting in the fridge? Toss it in to warm up before adding your raw egg in. It’ll add a nice layer of flavor and utilizes meat that probably would have gone to waste.





Yum! I add cheese to my scrambled eggs after they’ve cooked so that the cheese melts on top.

The creaminess goes so well with the flavor of eggs. I usually pair this with a splash of hot sauce or salsa.



520pYogurt or Cream.

If you have extra yogurt, cream, or sour cream available, mix it in with your raw scrambled egg for a creamier bite. It gives a richness to the flavor that I can’t get enough of. I add this every time I make eggs, now.



520qChopped peppers.

If you’ve got an extra five minutes or so, chop up some fresh veggies! I prefer peppers, but any fresh vegetable will do! If it’s too hard, it might take too long to cook, so make sure if you’re on a time limit that you pay attention to how small you chop the veggies.



Chopped onions or fresh green onions really step up your scrambled egg game if you have the time to sautee them!

Add freshly chopped green onions to the eggs after they’ve been cooked for fresh, crunchy bites.



Let your creativity run wild when making scrambled eggs! They are the perfect breakfast food, packed with protein and easy to make. While I sometimes add one or two of these items, if I happen to have them all on hand, I will add them all and make a breakfast bonanza! Although you need at least 5 eggs to fit all of the ingredients into one meal. Share it with your spouse or make a huge serving for the whole family!

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