6 Creative Appetizers To Serve This 4th Of July


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Most of the appetizers and desserts that you see for 4th of July are made with strawberries, cream and blueberries. Don’t get me wrong, those are all delicious and fun – but sometimes you need a little bit of extra flair to liven up your buffet spread! Let’s be honest, 3 berry pies with misshapen stars on top is fun to take pictures of, but not so fun to eat. Here’s some savory, yet festive treats to serve your guests (or just yourself – I don’t judge! I would eat all of these if no one was watching me.) and be the theme for a bunch of cute Instagram photos of food.


How about some spicy deviled eggs in the colors of the American flag? Yes! I would so eat these for lunch if I didn’t have guests over. It’s easy to do and you can dye all of the eggs or just a few to create a small pop of color and leave most of them white! Put them on a fun plate to really tie this dish together. Find the recipe here.



6.30nOkay, yes, these are strawberries, cream, and blueberries, but they aren’t a pie! It counts. The delicious cream and classic combination of blueberries and strawberries will give everyone a taste of home without a huge hunk of pie on their plate. The goal here is finger foods! Check the step by step here!




What’s so “American” about pigs in a blanket? 1.) Delicious sausages. 2.) There are American flag toothpicks stuck in them. It also counts. These are delicious, and you can add small slices of American cheese to the center for an extra pop of flavor! It’s fairly simple, but here are the instructions!



“Again with the blueberries!” You say? Well this time they are paired with red fruits and white chocolate pretzels! The beauty of this dish is that it requires almost zero prep. If you plan to make the pretzels by hand, you’ll have to make them the day before, but otherwise you can just buy the fruits and pre made pretzels at the store and arrange them to resemble and American flag! Too cute! The idea came from here!


Who said appetizers needed to be sweet or boring? What about spicy and cheesy and delicious?!They are so easy to make and will have your guests wondering if they are the main dish! I know I would eat these for lunch in a heartbeat. Add some kick to the dessert table and don’t be surprised if they are the first things to disappear! Get the recipe here!



Patriotic puppy chow? Sure! Why not? These are super simple! First, make normal puppy chow with white chocolate. Then, toss in the red and blue candies. Done and done! A handful of this will keep the kids happy, and you can even serve it in pre-portioned cups if you’re worried about running out too quickly. Make it here!

Some of these might be a bit unconventional, but they are all delicious and they all bring an exciting flair to the table! Leave the mixed berry pies to the guests – serve something unique this year with some fun and exciting appetizers!

Images from here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.



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