6 Awesome Ideas for Tiny Laundry Spaces

No one looks forward to doing the laundry, but it’s a task we all have to live with. Lighten the load and make your tiny laundry space pretty and attractive. It’s time to add the fun into the function with these awesome ideas.

laundry curtain1. Cover up the laundry machine.
The washer and dryer aren’t exactly a sight for sore eyes. If you don’t want to see them more than once a week, use a tension rod and curtains as cover up. A chic curtain design can even get some style points.




2. Go for neutral tones.
Whether it’s the laundry room or any part of the house, neutral tones suggest class and sophistication. A laundry machine that’s white always looks good with white cabinets. Add some black trays and baskets on a dark countertop for an interesting look.

laundry painted3. Show some creativity.
Turn the laundry room into a place that you can actually enjoy. Paint patterns on the laundry machines, install a fun and attractive light fixture, or add cabinets that pop out warm colors. Show some creativity by experimenting on different designs.


4. Maximize space.
From floating shelves to stacking up machines, you should do everything to maximize the tiny space. Fitting baskets into those awkward spots is a clever trick that works to your advantage.

5. Decorate prep and storage stations.
Never leave out these areas because they’ll demand some of your decorating powers. Place a pedestal under the laundry machines to add storage spaces or transform an old table into a folding station. Even an old ladder can be repainted and turned into a drying rack.

laundry room blue6. Feel blue about it.
Paint the walls of your laundry room blue and you’ll feel the peace and calmness inside. It’s a stressful chore you’re up against, and this idea might help. Go for a lighter shade and then paint furniture with white. Now that’s a beautiful space where your mind can relax while at work.



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