5 Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts

The best gift moms can receive on Mother’s Day is the unconditional love from their children, and these DIY gifts kids can easily create will warm their hearts even more.

bon appetit chalk board1. Dining a la Paris
When it comes to home cooking, mothers know best. Show your mom that you love the savory dishes she prepares by creating a chalkboard menu just like in the restaurants of Paris. She’ll be surprised to see the dining area has turned into a French cafe.

The materials you need are wooden frame, black contact paper, and glue. Get the right cut of the paper to fit the frame before writing on it. Everyone will now see what mom is preparing in the kitchen with the stylish menu.

2. Show your green thumb
Moms love a beautiful garden filled with plants and flowers. It’s the peaceful atmosphere that catches their attention. Let her know that you appreciate her interest by contributing in your own adorable way with the help of rain boots.

Grab a pair of your outgrown rain boots and poke holes at the bottom. Use them as pots for herbs like peppermint or parsley. These unique pots will surely remind mom of your thoughtfulness whenever she waters the plants in the morning.

jar beach3. A memorable vacation
What’s the most memorable vacation you spent with the family? Remind mom of it!

Get a jar and fill it with the items you saw from your previous vacation. For example, if you went to the beach, then sands and stones will do the trick. Add a family picture inside the jar to make it even more special. Mom with surely have this on her office desk as a reminder of the fun you’ve had.

4. Straight from the heart
Sometimes, a simple letter is enough to show your mom that you love her. Be creative by drawing a big heart that you’ll fill with all the loving thoughts that you have.

Put the heart on a blank paper and use drawing tools to make this project unique and colorful. Make sure that you have space for every word you’ll write inside the heart. Use big and small letters to add style. Mommy will surely have this one in a picture frame after you let her see it.

box decorative5. Mystery box for mom
Turn your mother’s day present into a surprise by giving a mystery box. Design the outside of the box using different art materials like ribbons, crayons, art papers, and of course, your fun imagination. It’s better to use a plain empty box for this one.

The important part is the item inside. Ask dad if he has some ideas like a fancy jewellery that mom will find charming and sweet. It can also be a letter you wrote and that she has to read it to discover a loving message.

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