5 Kid Friendly Crafts that Mom will Love to get this Mother’s Day

A precious gift on Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive; it only needs to come straight from the heart. There’s no better way to express love for mothers than a thoughtful present from their children. Here are fun DIY crafts moms will surely find adorable.

rain boot planters1. Green thumbs up
Put those outgrown rain boots and turn them into planters. What you need to do is poke drainage holes on the bottom, fill it with good soil and then some of mama’s favorite herbs. Her green thumb will surely approve of this.


cork cans2. Decorate with a purpose
Give your mom a decorative cork board she can put on her work table. For this small project, get some used cans and a roll of cork. Paint the cans and glue the cork on the sides. Place her favorite flower on top and stick a family photo she can easily see.




3. Close to her heart
If mum loves wearing jewelries, she’ll find this one heartwarming. Using pliers and a small hammer, bend a thin wire into a heart shape or a cute birdie pendant. This will take only about 15 minutes to finish. Don’t hesitate to ask dad for some help with the tools.

4. Say it with love
Turn your loving thoughts for your mother into a colorful reminder she can place on the fridge or hang on the wall. Write down all the words on a blank paper and create shapes around them. Use different colors for each one to give a great look. She’ll be surprised to see your creativity!

candle kids craft5. Let mom relax
From her busy day at the office, let your mom relax at home with DIY candles. For this creation, you’ll be needing a pillar candle, acrylic paint, white tissue and wax paper. Cut the tissue paper into shapes that you desire and color them with acrylic. When done, ask an adult to blow dry it on the wax paper and on to the candle.

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