5 Interesting Benefits to Taking Aspirin

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When you experience a throbbing headache or body pains, you immediately look for aspirin inside the medicine cabinet to alleviate the condition. Interestingly, this drug can do wonders beyond that. It has health benefits and some beauty hacks that you might find very useful.

1. Aspirin could save your life.
Heart attack or stroke patients can find effective prevention in taking Aspirin. Those who show signs of coronary artery disease, or underwent a coronary bypass operation or coronary angioplasty will also benefit. Although there are multiple factors to be considered, the usefulness of aspirin outweighs the potential risks.

2. It aids in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.
A person at high risk of a cardiovascular disease can be prescribed to take a statin, and also find aspirin as a useful secondary cure. Statin lowers the cholesterol in the body while aspirin reduces the ability of blood to clot. The latter prevents any formation of thick blood along the arteries. It’s the anti-platelet agent found in aspirin that works to clear these areas.

3. It can prevent cancer.
A study suggested that taking aspirin can prevent cancer. It’s mainly prescribed for the elderly whose ages are 50 to 65. The effects are not apparent after three years at the start of the use, and the duration of taking is at least 10 years. Other conditions such as stroke and heart attacks can be reduced by 9 percent on men and 7 percent on women.

4. It can treat skin conditions.
Aside from preventing diseases, aspirin can also reduce the swelling of the skin and clogging of pores. Acetyl salicylic acid, an active ingredient found in aspirin, has anti-inflammatory properties that clear away impurities. The same ingredient can also help control dandruff. It exfoliates the scalp and removes the dead skin cells.

5. It can solve a “hickey” problem.
A hickey is an embarrassing love mark that can make you feel uncomfortable at work. What you can do is apply aspirin on the area of the skin to reduce the redness.


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