5 Ideas To Make Your Graduation Party More Sentimental


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You’ve probably already chosen the theme and colors for your graduate’s graduation party, but maybe you’re looking for a little something extra to make the party a bit more personal.

Here are a few ideas to jump start your creativity! Take these ideas and customize them for a fantastic trip down memory lane for you and your guests! Make sure that a few places are picture-perfect for spontaneous photo-ops!


11. Photo Booth Props!

Every one loves to good off in pictures! Give them a fun excuse and cute graduation-themed props! Caps, phrases, mustaches, glasses, diplomas, and the name of the college they’ve decided to go to are all fun and cute ideas!

Either make them yourself or order them online. They are a simple and fun addition to any photo booth!





2. A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Choose the best pictures of your graduate from birth to graduation in this sentimental trip down memory lane – or your front door!

Have your favorite pictures printed in the same large size and mount them on stakes. If the weather is a bit rainy, laminate them! They only need to work for a few hours as guests arrive.

If your walkway is long enough, you could add all 12 of their school pictures! You may choose to include fun pictures on smaller stakes between the formal ones for a more exciting journey!

After everyone has arrived, you can bring them inside and set them up on a table for a closer look at your grad!





33. Memory Jenga!

Dump an old Jenga set onto a table and set out sharpie pens! Have guests write good memories on each piece for your grad to take with them to college!

It’s a fun and easy alternative to a guest book!







44. Personalized Napkins!

Order napkins with pictures of your grad from birth to graduation for a more personal touch! They will add a fun aspect to the dessert table!

Choose their favorite color or the color of their chosen college!

(Don’t forget to keep a few for your scrapbook!)






55. Floating Memories!

Fill several dozen balloons with helium and tie pictures to strings that are all the same length! Have them hovering above the gift table or the reception area.

If your party is outside, anchor the balloons and clip the pictures halfway up the strings!

Create a magical and entertaining atmosphere with these magical floating pictures.

Choose balloon colors to match your theme! Easy and cute! Everyone will love them.





Try one or all of these easy ideas to make your graduate’s party the best that it can be! Look back at the photos and memories with fondness as your graduate goes off to college!


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