5 Ideas For Graduation Cupcakes

There are so many fun ways to celebrate graduation! Parties, cakes, BBQs, and dinners are all at the top of the list, but my personal favorite is cupcakes! Nothing is more exciting than when the decorative cupcakes arrive to the party! Everyone takes pictures first because they want to capture the fun and festive designs, but after that first bite, the cupcakes are always gone so quickly! They are fun, delicious, and tie the whole party together! I prefer them to a larger cake, which gets destroyed after only one slice – a cupcake tree will still look cute, even with a bunch of cupcakes gone missing!

Take a look at these chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing, topped with cute graduation caps! The recipe for the chocolate cake can be found here, and the cream cheese icing recipe can be found here.












Follow a step-by-step tutorial here, and you’ll be on your way to making cute caps just like these, in any color that you choose! It might take extra effort, but having these fun little graduation caps topping your cupcakes will put a smile on everyone’s face!






Aren’t they cute? And they’re even cuter because I know that they taste like sugar and happiness! The little tassels really tie the whole cupcake together – they are my favorite part! If you don’t have individual cupcake stands, you can always use a cupcake tree, or simply spread them out on a large table!

For some cupcakes, you could add a more personal touch by adding the graduate’s name, their graduation year, or the logo of their school! These cupcakes feature textbooks, notes, diplomas, and graduation caps! So cute!


pink cupcakes





If your graduate is graduating from college, consider having cupcakes made in their field! These cupcakes are made for the veterinary field. They are so creative and fun! Imagine cupcakes for a teacher, a nurse, or an engineer! There’s no limit to how creative you can get!










If you don’t have too much time to spend, you can always use simple graduation cupcake toppers in the color of your grad’s school! They are easily printed off and customized, as well. Choose your colors and graduation year, add your grad’s name, and the school they’ve just graduated from.










If you’ve run out of time, you can use prints like these over store bought cupcakes very quickly.












Using construction paper and straws, you can even make your own mini graduation cap toppers! These are an easier option since they don’t need to be edible! Find the full tutorial here.

Cupcakes like these are becoming more and more popular, and with the increase in tutorials and step-by-steps, and with a never ending stream of fun ideas, there is no end to the clever possibilities for your graduation-themed cupcakes! Decide on a flavor, an icing, and a color today and get ready to make some cute and delicious cupcakes!

Images from here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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