4 Things Only Coffee Purists Understand

Are you the person in line at the local coffee shop that hears the person in front of you order a mocha-frappa-caramel something or other? Do your eyes roll and you quietly under your breadth say “that’s not coffee”? Then you may agree with the next 4 statements and also wonder why more people don’t embrace coffee in all it’s rich nothing added glory.

1. Black… Pure, Beautiful, and bold! If you can’t drink it black then you might as well move on and disregard this post.

2. Decaf should not exist at all.


Bottom line… go big or go home. Embrace the caffeine, love the caffeine, you need the caffeine! If you want something with out caffeine drink green tea you pansy.

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3. And milk? Why would you ruin a perfectly good cup with such an awefull substance? Milk belongs on my morning bowl of Cocoa Puffs NOT in my beautifully dark cup of coffee.

4. Size Matters


Why anyone on earth would have a small coffee when they could have a coffee roughly the size and weight of a gallon of milk is absolutely beyond me. This is America. It is our god-given right to drown ourselves in the beverage of our choosing.

Coffee at home is better than waiting in line

FREE coffee can be the best coffee

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