4 Great (harmless) April Fool Pranks For Mom (I Used #3 On My Husband & Kids!)

1) Clear Nail Polish + Bar of Soap = No Suds


(I love this one!) Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Put the soap in the shower or bath and wait for hilarity to ensue!

2) Green Milk

green milk

Drop some food coloring in your milk and serve up some breakfast! If you have boys, they make like this one too much!



3) This is a fun prank to play on the husband and the kids!


Place a small piece of tape on the sensor of the remote control (or Wii-Mote or other electronic device) and watch your puzzled family try to figure out how to turn the tv on. My boys ended up making the youngest be the ‘channel changer’ (REMEMBER THOSE DAYS?!)


4) Rubber Band on the sink sprayer


This one is a CLASSIC! Simply put some tape or a rubber band around the kitchen sprayer, sit back, and wait for the inevitable scream!

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