20 PhD Students Explain Their Thesis In Ways That The Rest Of Us Can Understand. What They Are REALLY Saying? You Won’t Believe It!

Did you receive your PhD? Was your thesis an in-depth analysis of something that might make most people’s heads spin? I stopped my education right after college and decided that I had enough education to follow my dreams and make myself happy. If you have taken that extra step, I applaud you!

These guys gave us the “simplified” version of their research, and it’s amazing at how much they can leave out of the explanation while still getting their point across. These might be a little on the sarcastic side, but I still found myself giggling and imagining how I could crank out 200 pages on the subject. Yikes!


My favorite simplified thesis? “Sand washes away. Don’t build important stuff on it.” His topic must have been about the erosion of the coastlines and what we could do to prevent further erosion, and what we are currently doing that is destroying them one inch at a time. His explanation is just so much funnier! If you wrote a thesis once upon a time ago, how would you describe it to someone outside of your field? Would it be funny enough to add to this list? Like and share this post with your friends – maybe even include your own simplified thesis and contribute!

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