20 Graduation Gift Ideas For New Nurses

It’s graduation season! While most of the graduation parties you’ll be going to are from high school or college, there are plenty of nurses graduation from nursing school this year! While gifts are still expected, it can be harder to find gifts for this profession as opposed to a graduate from high school which is more straight forward. Here are 20 gift ideas that you can easily put together for your nursing school grad!

1. A Littman stethoscope (you can order one from the website!)!

2. Bandage scissors!

3. A pill splitter!


4. A gift card to a scrubs shop and a good shoe store!

5. A book about passing NCLEX and the first year of nursing!

6. Multiple packages of black gel pens!


7. A pen with more than one ink color!

8. A pocket notebook, a yellow highlighter, and an up to date drug handbook for nurses!

9. Gift card to the app store! (There are a ton of cool nursing apps!)

10. A voucher for a free massage!

Smiling woman receiving massage at the spa resort.

11. Delicious chocolates! (Who doesn’t love chocolate?!)

12. Cute compression stockings for sore legs! (They might have a uniform, but these are cute for working out in general!)


13. A monogrammed duffel bag to carry their street clothes!

14. A subscription to a magazine (let them choose)!

15. An NCLEX study guide!

16. A book about your grad’s specialty!

17. A LinkedIn subscription!

18. Fun T-Shirts with their school logo!

19. Fun nursing-themed wine glasses!


20. Cute syringe-themed pens, highlighters, or markers!


Use these ideas to build a fun gift basket and show your support to your favorite nursing school graduate! Add in personal notes and cards to your gifts!

If in doubt, go with one or two of these gifts along with a gift card. Your support will mean so much to your new grad, so be sure to offer your support while they start a most fulfilling career path!


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