11 Interior Design Projects You Can Tackle for Under $5

An inventive room makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can create stunning interior pieces that can brighten up your personal space. Here are some cheap but genius ideas that will make you want to spend more time inside.

fabric framed1. Display beautiful fabric
A colorful scarf or beautiful fabric can be displayed as an accent on a blank wall. It gives a livelier look compared to an overused painting.





2. Sand and paint old furniture
Rather than buying new furniture, bring life to the old ones with a little use of paint and sandpaper. You’ll be amazed at how clean and polished they can get.

3. Line up wine bottles
If there’s ample space on the kitchen counter, you can display wine bottles on the corner as a chic display or elegant flower vases.

4. Add storage in the bathroom
Repurpose old shelves and install them as storage spaces in the bathroom. Place it above the door or behind the toilet.

table settings5. Mix-and-match pieces
A fancy table setting doesn’t require new silverware. Mix and match different sets and see the look you come up with.





6. Place a lively backdrop
Big and bulky bookshelves are dull and unattractive. Repaint them with bright colors and then add a lively wallpaper on each space.

7. Make the door sparkle
A shiny knob on the front door makes a great impression to visitors. Apply a fresh coat of paint on the knob or just keep it clean and shiny.

bedroom circles8. Play with stencil
If decals and wallpapers are too old-fashioned, use stencil designs that reflect your own personality. They’re easy to create because all you need are cardboard, paint, and your wild designs.




9. Change up for the season
Keep the living room in the season by changing the covers of the throw pillows on the sofa. It’s easy to find inexpensive designs at discounted prices.

10. Use old boxes
Save up on buying containers from the home store and use those old shoe boxes. Cover them with used wallpaper to make them neat and lovely.

lavender plant mug11. Decorate like nature
It’s always a breath of fresh air to see plants inside the house. Place your potted herb plants by the window ledge and add some plants that thrive on the humidity in the bathroom.




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