11 Creative Ways To Give Money For Graduation


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The gift of money to a graduate is a tradition that goes back many generations! Family and friends all join in to support their graduate as they embark on the next journey of their life, giving gifts, advice, and usually money as well! Spice up the gift opening this year by using a few of these cute ideas to gift your cash!

1. Click here for full printable and instructions to make a bottle of money for your grad!


I love this idea because it’s easy to customize! Add their name, their new school colors, and a bow tie instead of a bow for a young man! Seeing them try and fish out bills from a small opening will be a hoot, so add in a few coins to shake things up!







2. Find a few tips here for making this money bow, but the creation process is up to you!


This idea is very chic! You can still give them a small gift (a personalized notebook is a good idea!) and you’ll have fun watching them unfold each piece of the hand-made bow! Be sure to get lots of pictures to capture the special moment!









3. Find a quick how-to for this money hat here!


Easy and fun, this gift is simple bills folded around cardboard and poster board! Add a quirky message on the top of the hat, and for an added bonus, have them wear it around for a while! Pick a tassle color to represent their new school, too!







4. There’s more information here about this cute money flip-book!


This gift idea may take a bit more work, but how cool is this idea? Individual dollar bills to remove from the booklet as-needed! It’s like a coupon book for groceries! This is fun and unique, and you can add your own coupons inside, hidden between the bills! Encouraging messages, personal anecdotes, or jokes are all fun ideas to include!










5. The DIY instructions for this money flower necklace can be found here, (there’s a video as well!)


How fun! Folded and twisted, these bills make a great necklace! Add the colors of their new school and have them wear it around! This is a fun way to gift money, and looks cute, as well!









6. Check out how to make a money lei here!


Similar to the money necklace, this style is a bit more masculine! Folded and strung together, these bills are fun to wear! Take a lot of pictures! Add in strips of paper in their new school colors if you want to make the lei longer or look fuller!









7. Watch the tutorial for this money balloon here!


The confetti is a nice touch! If you fold the money from the corners instead of from the edge, they will unroll inside of the balloon, if you want to get a fuller look! Bonus points for adding in strips of paper with encouraging words, jokes, or just fun colors for when the balloon explodes!










8. See step-by-step instructions for this gorgeous money rose bouquet here!


These elegant flowers are a beautiful way to gift money to a graduate! They do require a bit more preparation, but they are so worth it! Use leaves, ribbons, or more money to fill in the bouquet!








9. Learn how to make a “rainy day” umbrella here!


An alternative option for a more masuline approach than a bouquet of roses, this unique umbrella will “rain” money as soon as it is opened! Attach a note that says “open me!” and get the camera ready!







10. Catch the tutorial here!



Who doesn’t love fancy soap? Some grads may just cut right into the bar, and some may wait patiently, using the soap until they can reach their goal!This gift puts a fun spin on the gift of cash! Choose any color soap, and fun names for the scent such as “freshly laundered money!” Get creative.




11. Visit here for more instructions.


Finally, a gift we can all get behind! Fill a chocolate box with cash and coins! Bonus points if you give the chocolates in another box!







Get creative and fun this season and support your grad in style!


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