10 Things That Prove You’re A Hardcore Money Savin’ Momma

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When times get tough, hardcore money savin’ mommas get tougher. Are you one of them? Check out this list of the things they do and and prove that you are one of them.

1. Shop for groceries only to restock the pantry.
Check the items in the pantry and see what needs to be replenished. If there are less than 10 things, it’s not worth the trip for you because frequent trips means more spending.

money pan2. Cook “healthier” dishes at home.
“Healthy” foods that are pre-packed and ready-to-eat seems like a very convenient option. However, they always cost more compared to buying the ingredients and cooking them yourself.



money garden3. Grow your own food in the garden.
It’s a green thumb’s up for a smart saving mom. The plants that you’ve practiced on are now flourishing in the backyard. Now, you already own your own herbs and vegetables.


4. Plan a menu months ahead.
The secret of saving up on a food budget is planning a monthly menu, and you have this dialed down. The ingredients that you’ll need are cheaper when in bulk, and you don’t have to rush an emergency trip to the grocer for a pack of cheese.

grocery bag reusable5. Bring reusable bags to the store.
A wise-spending momma brings reusable bags to the grocery. Most stores give a small discount for shoppers who ditch harmful plastic bags, and that’s already a cool bonus for you.




6. Share purchases with neighbors.
Families in a friendly neighborhood can split on bulk food purchases and share on garden products. This is one way to build a good community, and you know for sure the savings with this setup.

library7. Tell the kids to use the library.
Books in the library are free, and we all know it’s awesome because you can return them when you’re done. This is what you always tell your kids.



8. Food scraps can be used as compost.
The fresh produce in your garden needs a simple pile of good compost and the food scraps and bits of paper are the solution you have in mind. Why throw them into the trash when they’re still reusable.

9. Take cool showers before turning on the AC.
When summer starts kicking in, everyone in your family wears light clothing and takes quick cool showers. This method has been tried and tested in your household before the AC is switched on.

10. Handmade gifts for people.
A crafty mom can make cool presents that everyone likes, and you’ve done a lot of handmade gifts yourself. This is better than purchasing the unoriginal and boring items.

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