10 Clever Ways To Use Bobby Pins


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We all know what bobby pins are, and while some of us use them in our every day hairstyles, some of us may not use them at all. With new beauty trends surfacing with bobby pins at the center of attention, maybe you will be inspired to start using bobby pins for all sorts of things!


Keep them in an empty mint container for easier storage.

Nothing is worse than trying to chase bobby pins all over the house when you only need one.

The great thing about tiny containers like this is that they fit in your purse easily! Whenever you take your bobby pins out, just toss them right back into the container instead of the coffee table, the arm of the sofa, or the computer desk like I always find myself doing.

You can even label it to make it extra cute!




For extra hold, spray your bobby pins lightly with hair spray!

Once you put them in your hair, they will stay put without having to criss-cross several on top of each other.

This works well with lighter hair sprays. I find that if I use “extra heavy duty” hair sprays, the bobby pins get too sticky, and I can’t even slide them into my hair in the first place.

Try this out and see which sprays work for you!


A new hair style trend is to stick bobby pins perpendicularly into already-styled hair!

It’s a chevron hair style, and it looks best when used with bobby pins that are the opposite color of your hair shade.

The trick is to place one with the looped end at the point of your chevron, and then link a second bobby pin inside of the loop to continue the other half of the arrow.

This will link the bobby pins, and they will stay put for as long as you want them!




Forming a triangle with bobby pins to keep two pieces of hair in place is a new trend in the recent seasons.

While it may not turn out as neat the first few times, keep practicing!

This fun and unique look replaces the need for any extra accessories. Just pop them in and go! Try to link at least two of the bobby pins to prevent them from slipping out of place.





criss corss

This cute crossed look is made with four bobby pins crossed over each other.

Start with two bobby pins and link them towards the ends.

Next, take two more bobby pins and cross them at the farther ends.

Ta-da! It’s cute and keeps those braids and twists in place!




rollhairA simple twist can be held secure by only one bobby pin!

All you need to do is create a twist and slide it towards your face. Secure the twist flat against your head by looping the bobby pin inside of the twist and underneath the hair.

It will be hidden and neat, and the best part is that it will stay secure!

Give this look a spray or two of hair spray to tame any fly aways.




maniYou can also use bobby pins for nail art!

All you need to do is dip your bobby pin into any colored nail polish and use the tip to transfer the accent polish onto an already-polished nail!

Create butterflies, kisses, cheetah spots, or simple polka-dots!







toothpasteUse a single bobby pin to keep your toothpaste neat and tidy in the restroom!

Using a strong bobby pin, push the toothpaste towards the opening.

Fold the empty part of the bottle up towards the top, and place your bobby pin along the edge.

Continue until the toothpaste is empty!

This is great because it keeps all of the toothpaste ready to use at the cap instead of having to push toothpaste up from the bottom every single time you brush.




Don’t feel like smashing your finger with a hammer? Me either! Grab a bobby pin and use it to hold a nail steady while you hammer away!

Hang pictures, shelves, or decorations without being worried about hurting your thumbs.





Have an almost-empty bag of chips, but no more clips to close the bag? No problem!

Grab a bobby pin and fold the bag a few times.

Hold it closed with a bobby pin.

If your bobby pin is too weak, criss-cross another bobby pin on top of it to strengthen the hold!




Get creative when using your bobby pins! Not only do they hold your hair in place, but they can also be useful around the house, too! The unique grip and strength of these little pins make them a good choice when you’re in a bind. Just remember to keep them all in one place!


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