10 Amazing Ways You Can Recycle Old Toys into Cool Gadgets!

Turn the old toys your kids outgrew into cool gadgets and home items. With a little effort and imagination, you can recycle these amazing items and make them a project this weekend.

lego bricks1. Utensil holder
Get the old lego bricks from the playroom and place them on the kitchen counter. Stack them together one-by-one until it becomes a rectangular box. Use it as a holder for wooden spoons, bottle opener, whisks, and other utensils.

2. Jewelry rack
Paint and glue the pieces of your Uno Stacko or Jenga games and turn them into a chic jewelry rack. Now your bracelets and necklaces have a cool holder.

noodles in boots3. Boot shapers
The easiest way to keep your winter boots fresh is fitting pool noodles inside. Who knew that these silly toys are useful and versatile.



4. Pin cushions
Store pins safely by using vintage trucks as the cushions. Now you can push them down safely while holding a steady base.

scrabble coasters5. Coasters
Old scrabble tiles you used to play with still have a brilliant purpose–coasters. Create four-letter words to add a bit of fun and glue them all together.




fire trck lamp6. Light fitting
Remember those fire trucks and cranes your little boys used to play with? Extend the ladder and use them as light fittings. It’s a fancy display on the side table.



7. Deck shelves
There was a time when your kids wanted to ride skateboards all day long. Now that they grew out of it, use the decks as shelves. These are eye-catching displays in their room.

puzzle magnets8. Fridge magnets
If you have jigsaw puzzle pieces that come in different shapes and sizes, you can probably turn them into cool magnets on the fridge. Be creative and select vintage items or go with a certain theme like cars or famous landmarks.




9. Bookends
Cut a plastic toy in half and decorate them as fun bookends. Paint the pieces with matching colors to add an artistic appeal.

10. Lego clock
Tell the time with a lego clock that’s super cool. Stick popular lego figures as timepieces or go simple using simple bricks. It’s up to you however you want to design it.

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